Does Penis Size Matter?

average-penis-szieWe do many comparisons between human beings on various factors and aspects every day. And when we become adults, we are more competitive than ever. We want to outdo others and feel better than the rest. And it applies to man’s penis size as well. The question about whether penis size matters or not have been around since the beginning. A lot of men think a lot about their penis size. But the more important question is that whether it matters to girls.

If you ask women about this question, their answer will probably be “yes”. But the truth is, they would not prefer humongous beasts. The thing that matters the most is the pleasure they get from the intercourse, they don’t mind size at all, whether it be an average size penis or a small one.

Following are some facts on this matter:

  1. It’s overhyped

women-are-discussing-penis-sizeThat’s the truth behind this debate. Most guys feel that having bigger organ is better because the media and other sources enforce such opinions in their mind that it is only better if it’s bigger. We humans shape our opinions on the basis of other sources and people around us, and that’s why it has become such a big hype. The concept of ‘bigger is better’ is overhyped.

  1. Comparing sizes is not applicable to all women

If you are the only guy your girl is having sex with, then she simply can’t compare the size of your dick. Only those women who tend to engage in multiple sexual relationships will do it. If you and your partner are satisfied during the intercourse, then the size of your organ does not matter.

  1. Women give mixed reactions

women-give-mixed-reactionsMany surveys have been done on this subject. In one survey, they interviewed various women from all age groups. As a result, they received mixed reactions. There was no perfect conclusion to whether a woman likes a small penis or a big one. Some women preferred bigger size while others thought it to be a turn off. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that all women have different opinions and point of views about the size of a man’s penis. Not every women likes bigger penis, on the other hand not all women prefer small size. Reactions of women are mixed in this matter.

  1. A big penis is only important in adult movies

You may have noticed that the women in adult movies achieve great orgasms. From that you may have assumed that the bigger organ of their partner is the main reason those actresses reach explosive climaxes. But those are just movies and the main requirement for those movies is acting. In the real world, a man’s performance is the real reason a woman reaches a great orgasm. Size has nothing to do with it.

  1. In a real relationship, size is not of primary importance

good-sexual-satisfationIf you are in a relationship with your girl for quite a while already and it is entirely based on trust and love, then the size of your male organ no longer matters. Chances are that she will not mind the size of your dick if you give her good oral sex, satisfying penetrative sex, and exciting foreplay. Size only probably matters in one night stands.

  1. It’s the Performance that will bring amazing woman orgasms

If a woman is satisfied with the way you perform during sex, then she will not whine about you having a small penis. Don’t presume that women scream in adult movies due to the organ size of their partner. Remember, they are just actresses. Some sex positions can be painful for women if the size of the partner’s dick is big. So in such cases, a bigger dick causes more pain then pleasure.

  1. Confidence Matters

Confidence can outdo everything else – dick size included! All you need to master are the positions that turn your girl on and give her more pleasure, for example, butterfly position, standing near entry, and spooning. Don’t worry about your dick size, worry about the things that matter: confidence and performance.

  1. Stop being insecure

be-happy-with-what-you-haveThe biggest problem is in your mind. If you feel insecure due to the size of your penis, you won’t be able to satisfy women in bed. Don’t cry about what you want, instead learn to be happy with what you have.


The bigger size of the dick means nothing if you can’t perform during sex and can’t satisfy your women. The only thing that matters is your confidence and performance. So, quit worrying about your penis size and think of different ways to make your girl happy in bed.

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