The Better Sex Cheat Sheet

Two questions, one answer:

Who wants more – and better – sex?

Who doesn’t want all the hassle though? The sorting through the ads, wasting money on inferior products or misplacing trust and faith in crackpot schemes?

If you answered yes to both questions, then the answers are right here. Yes, you read that correctly – here I will give you the one thing you need to do for better sex.

enjoy-great-sexThe one thing you need to do for better sex is male enhancement.

Nothing else.

Well, okay – there are things that may help (diet, exercise, less stress etc.) but without a doubt, to solve the better sex questions you may have all you need to consider is male enhancement.

Male Enhancement? Sounds complicated, involved and expensive!

Let’s reassure you first, we want to show you how to get better sex, and the last thing we want is to concern you.

Relax – we know when you hear ‘enhancement’ these days you immediately think of some Hollywood celeb going ‘under the knife’ for surgery, but in this case ‘male enhancement’ is completely non-invasive and requires no surgery.

Male enhancement simply means methods that men can apply to have better erections, lasting longer in bed and increase the quality of his sex life.

Male enhancement is not complicated

We live in the information age today, and the medical establishment has undertaken extensive research to determine what works best in the field of male enhancement. Consequently, their guidance is abundantly clear – so there’s no need to undertake complicated treatments, procedures or surgery.

Male enhancement is not involved

The male enhancement industry is as simple today as any other nutritional and health-related field, in fact it’s just as simple as taking a supplement or course of nutrients to improve other aspects of health e.g. dietary, performance, energy, fat-burning etc.

Male enhancement is not expensive

The myth about male enhancement being costly is solely misrepresentation – too many people have wasted money on scams that would never work that it tends to give the industry a negative preconception.

Again, just like in the performance nutrition and sports market, the reputable suppliers of supplements provide reasonably priced, high quality and reliable products that simply work – without being expensive. Their business model is based on repeat customers whereas the unethical providers are simply looking to peddle expensive fake products where the customer will only pay once – hence the higher costs.

male-enhancement-benefitsWhat can male enhancement do for me?

Going back to our comparison of the performance nutrition market, think how often men take pills for a range of health-related issues such as weight loss, migraines, vitamins and minerals supplementation etc.

If these practices are widely accepted, why not extend that to taking pills for male enhancement, resulting in harder erections, increased sex drive, better stamina, fertility or even ejaculation volume?

Yes it’s true – male enhancement is simply taking the right pills, from the right suppliers, for the right solution.

Once you’ve started your course of male enhancement, you will see real and tangible results almost immediately – and like any successful transformation, it’s only natural to want to show off the results!

How does male enhancement lead to better sex though?

So, you’ve found a reputable supplier, you’ve started your course of male enhancement pills and you’re seeing results – just as promised!

achieve-better-orgasmsYou’ve got that stronger erection, that increased libido, your sex drive is back to teenager levels, you no longer suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and you’re finally achieve better orgasms.

What to do next?

Well the answer my friend, is simple – you need to enjoy your better sex life.
See it’s not just you that benefits – it’s your partner. With a harder erection, increased libido, less erectile dysfunction, and improved orgasms, you’ve raised your game in bed – and she has to accordingly!

There’s a famous saying – “What you give, you get back” – and that’s certainly true in the bedroom.

As the quality of your sex life has improved, you will be able to increase her quality of sex accordingly, which in turn, will make her want to improve yours.

Now you really are that new man in bed she really wants, she will be more willing to please you sexually, more confident and more sexually adventurous – which can only be a good thing, right?

A satisfied woman in the bedroom is a win-win everywhere


Okay – you’ve started your male enhancement, you’re more virile and having better sex.

In turn, this has made you more confident, more vigorous in bed and given you the ability to go longer, faster, harder and better.

Your partner has not only noticed, but increased her receptiveness and is trying new things in the bedroom you both previously thought was only fantasy.

Don’t you think this won’t cross over into aspects of your relationship? Of course it will!

A woman happy in the bedroom will continue that positivity through into every aspect of her life – her home life, work life and physical health. She will be more confident, happier and considerate – as you’re meeting her needs where it matters – and in turn, all she wants to do is to please you.

So, the next day after you’ve just had your best sex ever with her, don’t be surprised if she’s dug out that old recipe for your favourite meal that she’s not cooked in years.

Don’t be surprised if she is more generous towards you when you want to go for beers with the boys, watch the game or stay out late.

Yes, it really is that simple – a better life comes from better sex. Better sex comes from male enhancement, and is simple, uncomplicated and not expensive.

After all of the above, you need to ask yourself only one remaining question – “can I live without male enhancement?”, in other words, “is better sex not important to me”?

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Penomet Review: Is This The Ideal Pump To Enlarge Your Penis?

We may all think it’s a waste of time trying to grow your penis, or that penis pumps do not work, but have you seen the Penomet Review?

What would it take for you to try a penis pump?

We get it – your confidence is low already, you really do want a bigger dick, but you doubt there is anything on the market that really works.

Perhaps you ARE looking for a penis pump, but haven’t found a reputable supplier, or one that’s backed by a guarantee, or won awards, or designed by industry experts, or maybe you’re just still looking for a safe, unique and proven to work product?

penomet-penis-pump-reviewedNow I realise so far, this article seems just the same as all those other advertisements – but hold on a second…. we’re not asking you to buy anything, try anything, or test anything – so relax dude.

All we’re asking of you is to suspend your disbelief, your doubt, and your distrust, and just don’t take our word for anything – instead just read our honest opinion on this positive Penomet review we have just found online.

So, could you do just that for us? That’s all – 3 minutes of your time, check out the review, and if you still don’t want a longer dick or want to try it, we understand. Not everyone trusts or believes, we get it – no biggie.

Why we are so pleased with the Penomet review

Simply put, we are delighted with the Penomet review, as it’s vindicated our faith and trust in the product. Not only was all the time, money, effort, research and development worthwhile, but it’s ‘social proof’ in a market and industry that it’s well known the general public distrust.

the-pumpWe knew the product would work, but it wasn’t easy getting to this point. We had a vision years ago, not only to create the best penis pump on the market, but primarily to help those men who wanted to increase their penis size believe again. Yes, those men who had tried different products, only to fail, and had almost given up hope.

In honesty, we didn’t want to boost their penises. We wanted to restore their egos, their confidence and their wellbeing. Some had wasted time, some had spent a fortune, some had been ripped off but ALL were struggling somewhere along the line.

To quote a line from the X Files TV show, they wanted to believe.

So, with the Penomet review, not only has it proved all our hard work was vindicated, it’s allowed us to continue our mission – not to make men’s cocks bigger, but to instead make their belief, their trust and their hopes come true.

Why is this Penomet review so good then?

Of course, the easy answer is – don’t let us tell you what we think, but rather why don’t you check it, and see what the experts think?

great-resultsOkay, we will give you a little sneak preview – but only if your promise to read the whole article in entirety yourself. We know you won’t be disappointed, otherwise we wouldn’t be wasting our time here trying to convince you otherwise!

We’re not going to give you the answers here – that would spoil the nice surprise for you. However, what we ARE going to do is give you some insights into what we were hoping to achieve when we designed and developed the Penomet.

We started by asking ourselves, if we could create a vision for the perfect penis pump, what would it look like?

Here are some of the questions we thought up that needed answering if we were to develop the perfect penis pump to actually work, and increase penis size.

How would we prove that the Penomet actually worked?

We would want to assemble the best team of industry experts for every stage from research, through design, development and finally conception.

Penomet-docor-endorsementHow could we ensure the Penomet is safe?

We would involve the industry leading governing body for inspection, verification, testing and certification, both in the United States and Europe (CE marking).

How we could assure ourselves of the quality of the Penomet?

We would ensure all appropriate Quality Control, Quality Assurance and standards were applied throughout the design and manufacturing process.

How could provide a unique design and methodology for the Penomet?

By spending a large amount of time on research about why penis pumps didn’t work, this allowed us to focus on new design on processes that would work – like water assisted pumps, interchangeable gaiters.

What third parties could we use to independently assess the Penomet?

We decided we wanted to offer the Penomet to parties to independently assess, either for awards or just even their own reviews and market research.

satisfaction-guaranteeHow could we ensure our customers would be happy with the product?

We would offer best in class sales, starting with independent advice on the best solution, through to order fulfilment and finally offer a Guarantee of total satisfaction.

Getting testimonials from satisfied customers that had actually increased their penis size by using the Penomet penis pump

We would want testers to be happy before we sought our first customers, and we would elicit genuine, honest and open feedback and publish accordingly – good or bad. We would to show our market that we believe so much in our product that we will allow feedback to be used to reassure, rather than to sell.

How could we ensure we devise a program that will continuously develop and increase penis size, rather than just a one-off increase?

We would envisage the penis, and it’s size improvements, as we would if we were developing a gym regime. Muscles only improve when they are consistently put under increased resistance, so we would develop a program that would build on past results and offer more intense exercises and also a interchangeable gaiter system to vary the pressure accordingly.

What success rate would be happy to achieve with the Penomet?

We are big believers in the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule), so we aimed high – we would want our Penomet to achieve an increase of over 80% compared to existing water or air penis pumps.

Conclusion: Read the Penomet review for yourself, don’t take our word for it

We’ve shown in this brief article how we envisioned the Penomet could be the ideal penis pump, but why take our word for it? Why don’t you read the Penomet review for yourself and see if you can believe also? Here you go and let us know what you think.

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