How to Get a Bigger Penis?

More than 70 percent men today are concerned about their penis size. According to studies, most men with small male organ are psychologically affected. And one of its major side effects include affected self-esteem and self-confidence.

Fortunately, with the medical intervention today, getting rid of this problem is possible.

Male Enhancement Methods


Most popular and proven methods of male enhancement are penis extenders, penis pumps, and penis pills.

If you have a small dick and are having difficulty deciding which one of these methods to choose, you are in luck. In this article, I will explain these three methods of male enhancement and help you make your decision easily.

  1. penis-extendersPenis Extenders

Penis extenders are sometimes also called penis stretchers. It is a light-weight small size device that you can wear on your male organ for about 5-8 hours every day for a period of 4-6 months. The best thing about this device is that you can wear it under your clothes comfortably, at home, at work, or even when you are outside hanging with your friends.

The main idea behind an extender is the use of traction to generate a response from the wearer’s body. When you wear an extender, it works by stressing to the skin cells of the penile and providing pressure to it. Pressure and stress are a quick way to increase the regeneration of new cells and in so doing production of tissue.

The main concern of these extenders is their comfortability. Most guys don’t feel comfortable wearing it. Additionally, it takes time and a lot of effort because you have to wear it for several hours a day for months.

  1. penis-pumpsPenis Pumps:

Penis pumps, as the name suggests, are used for male enhancement. The main concept behind pumping is to increase the blood flow in the penile region. Pumping does work because mostly the main reason behind erectile dysfunction is the poor blood flow.

However, their results are moderate and you have to use it in a proper way to see better results. Do not leave your dick in the pumped state for too long and do not pump too hard. If you pump too hard for too long, the pressure could possibly rupture the smaller veins in the penile. Most good quality pumps are however safe to use as they are not powerful enough to enable that kind of pressure.

Apart from their effectiveness, I advise you to avoid using the pump if you have recently had stitches to the genital or a surgery, because the pump might reopen vulnerable gashes on the penile by tearing the stitches.

Additionally, if you pump too much or too hard, it may cause your blood vessels to burst or come out in blisters. Overuse of pumping can also cause testicular injury or pain.

I recommend to use a water-assisted hydro penis pump because it’s safer and more effective.

  1. penis-pillsPenis Pills:

Male enhancement pills, commonly known as penis pills are quite popular among men because they are a convenient and effective way of getting a bigger penile. Herbal male enhancement pills are generally more effective and safe and they are a recommended way to increase dick size and erectile strength.

Some good quality male enhancement pills are made of powerful and safe male aphrodisiacs. These pills are helpful in increasing the blood flow to the penile tissue and causing the dick to look bigger during erection. Most good quality pills even increase sperm production and quantity of men’s semen in addition to increasing erection hardness.

Just like other methods, using male enhancement pills requires certain precautions because not all pills available in the market are effective, instead they contain dangerous substances that have side effects. Therefore, you have to be careful when buying them.

I strongly advise you to verify these things before buying any penis pills:

  • Firstly, the reputation of the pills should be good in the market and they have to be on the market for years. Avoid buying new and cheap products.
  • Secondly, read testimonials, proofs, and case studies about the specific pills to learn how they really work and what can be expected of their use.
  • Thirdly, make sure the ingredients listed on the label are all safe and natural. In this way, you can make sure that there will be no side effects.
  • Fourthly, the product must come with money back guarantee.


In my personal opinion, penis pumps are the best option among the three methods of male enhancement because they are convenient and safe to use. And if you want to get a bigger penis along with harder and better erections, combine penis pumps with supplements. This combined method of pills and exercise is a proven way to increase the penile size quickly.