Green web hosting movement marches on

Green web hosting movement marches on

Green web hosting has become a fairly common term today, with a host of companies who proudly address the description and promote pure renewable methods to operate their data centers. Connect the term green web hosting to the Internet and an overwhelming amount of websites will show promising technologies such as wind powered hosting, solvency servers or sustainable sites. TopHosts looked at this new host market and what really needed to maintain this environmental stamp for approval.

Phil Nail, Technology Manager for Affordable Internet Services Online, told TopHosts that they currently stand alone in the industry as a truly green web host. The company provides a 100% solar powered operation, its own environmentallydesigned data center and a redundant solar powered network, in its own country in Romoland, California.

Their steelframed data center without wood except the door frames maintains 120 solar panels on two large sets of arrays, which can generate up to 60 kilowatts of electricity each day. Through its commitment to solar heat and through various other clean, renewable methods, AISOs system eliminates 19,890 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, 5.9 pounds of nitrogen oxide NOX smog per year and 0.45 pounds of sulfur dioxide acid rain per year which corresponds to planting 3.5 hectares of trees per year. And all the time Nail says that AISO delivers web hosting plans that are comparable in price and as reliable as any other company out there.

Degrees of Green Hosting

But while more green hosting companies hit the scene, nails respond most not as environmentally engaged as they seem. We control every day and have not found anyone else who actually has green power at his facility, said Nail. You really have to read between the lines to see what they really have and finally youll see green credits.

In fact, what makes most of these web hosting services green is the purchase of renewable energy credits REC. Web hosting controls the amount of harmful greenhouseproducing energy they use, then purchases REC, which finances and supports renewable energy production across the country. This process is said to outweigh the amount of greenhouse gases produced by web hosting, which makes it possible for these companies to label green, explained Nail.

According to AISOs website, many of the socalled green web hosting companies do not run any environmentally friendly technology at all, but instead buy REC as marketing tactics in the hope that they think they help the environment. AISO says that many RECs only go to helping polluting power companies increase their green portfolios and meet EPA or government guidelines. One of the things that has to change is that these companies must stop looking at traditional power and data centers. They have to buy their own buildings and land and use their own green services and buying green credits does not make your companys green said Nail.

Green Hosting Compromise

But Greg Willson, an environmental engineer with, a green web hosting provider, says installing solar panels or building wind turbines is not just a profitable option for any hosting company at the moment. Without more state aid and subsidies, entry costs for implementing renewable technology can be high and difficult without the right country, location and money. Willson says buying RECs, while using as many environmentally friendly methods as possible, is also an important part of the green web hosting business.

If a company and employees are true in their own minds about being green and committed and helping to finance green technology, they help the future of the web hosting industry They set the example now, Sade Willson.

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