Penis Pills and Related Health Risks

penis-pills-health-risksAds for penis enlargement pills can be seen everywhere which pursue a person to increase the natural length of a penis by mentioning the related benefits from it.

Unfortunately, it’s a myth that men with the long penis are attractive for women and their remaining life spend with sexy women.

Young boys tempt for different ways of penis enlargement and most of them go for the pills considering them easy to use.

However, one should consider the possible health risks related to the pills as temporary benefits can lead a person towards the permanent detriment.

male-enhancement-pillsWhat are Penis Enlargement Pills?

Penis enlargement pills are usually made of natural herbs which increase the blood flow, but with the passage of time, chemical formulation of compounds became an ingredient of the pills which remarkably increased the health risks.  Capsule, tablet, and caplet forms are available in the market.

How Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

There are several techniques used for penis enlargement that are widely being used all over the world. Here are the four major types that I have found after reading many reviews.

  1. Penile Surgery
  2. Penis Enlargement Pills
  3. Penis Pump
  4. Penis Weight
  5. Penis Enlargement Exercises

All the above-mentioned ways let the body enter more blood in the penis during the arousal which automatically increases intercourse time and provide extra energy as well. After the use of penis enlargement pills, the user doesn’t observe any significant change in the length of the penis, but he finds harder erection and better control over ejaculation.

doctor-adviceMajor Health Risks from Penis Enlargement Pills

People feel happy after the immediate use which results in a stronger erection. However, the health risks are threatening to  both physical and sexual lives.

Damaged Body: Low quality and cheap pills destroy body cells and affect the immune system which is directly related to your physical health.

Abnormal Penis Size: In the initial days, the pills show positive results and the person feels satisfied. The continuous use leads towards fatal results and decreases  the penis size, effects the muscles, and lowers  the erection time.

Insomnia: The permanent user finds difficulty in sleeping and becomes a victim of habitual sleeplessness and restlessness . The person always feels unhappy and depressed.

Increased Heartbeat:  Most of the pills include ingredients which increase blood flow and body pressure results in increased heartbeat. The long term excitement and high blood pressure disturbs the normal functionality of veins and put pressure on the inner walls.

Hearing and Vision Problem: It’s reported that after the use of the pills’ users observed serious and abrupt change in their hearing and vision senses. It happens because of the increased blood pressure, which effect the nervous system.

Sexual relations are a necessary part of life, but it’s not a wise way to go for fantasies and neglect your overall health. Check the ingredient list and reviews of the users before buying these kinds of pills as they directly impact on your mood and physical health. There are some good products which have received a positive feedback from users.