The Break Up

its-over“From Jenny at 1:45pm: Danny can we meet up?”

Sometimes when I am in a mood to live in self pity, I will look at my phone and re-read that message to relive that pain. It was 3 weeks ago that Jenny broke up with me, but it still hurts as much as that night when she texted me that she wanted to meet up. Of course at the time, I had my hopes up and I thought she was horny and wanted sex. But nope: She wanted to break up with me.

I had always been a bit surprised that Jenny was dating me to begin with. I mean, I am just a 20 year old dorky guy. I like geeking around with computers and video games. And to top it all off…my dick is small. When I am hard, it is only 4.7 inches. Trust me…I’ve measured it at least a hundred times.

And my ex-girlfriend, Jenny, she is…well there is only one way to say it: Fucking Hot!

She was a perfect ten in every way. Smooth pale skin, long silky soft black hair, huge boobs with perky rosy nipples, and a firm round ass. In addition to looking like a total goddess, her personality was super cool. She loved video games and having crazy hot sex all of the time.

She was the kind of girl I dreamed of dating.

She was perfect.

bad-sexWhen she said she wanted to stop dating, I cannot help but to think that it was my small dick that made her want to break up with me.

Even though she said it was that we were too different of people to ever fall in love. I had fallen in love, and I know it was my little dick that could never satisfy her that made her break up with me.

Even though I had a little dick I always knew that I could satisfy her. The last time we had sex was phenomenal. I had found these penis pills for sale online. I decided that I wanted to surprise Jenny with my improved dick. Unfortunately the pills did not make my dick bigger, but they did make me rock hard. My dick was like a diamond.

It was just an average afternoon of I Jenny cooking grilled cheese sandwiches in the kitchen and me coding on my computer in the dining room when I felt the pills kick in. I walked up behind her and slowly wrapped my arms around her shoulders while my lips grazed across her smooth neck. I hear her release a surprised gasp as my rock hard dick moves against her jean clad ass. I pull her close and whisper in her ear that I wanted to fuck her. And well…let’s just say that was the first and last time I had sex with her in the kichen.