The Hook Up

My friends are nice guys.

Really I swear they are.

Last night they wanted to help me get out of my depression after I broke up with Jenny. So they took me out to this club called “Sintor”. Bright lights, alcohol and women that were scantily clad quickly had me forgetting all about my breakup with Jenny.

hot-girls-in-the-barThere was this one girl that was so hot.

Long pale legs, straight blond hair, bright green eyes, and boobs that put Jenny’s to shame. With a little bit of confidence from a glass of whisky, I started flirting with this girl. Turns out this girl was named Katlin, and she was also really into me. Fast forward through all the flirting, I somehow managed to talk her into coming home with me.

She was sitting down on my couch and I could feel my cock getting harder as I stared at the way her tight little dress rode up her perfect thighs. So I sat down next to her and started to rub my hand up her the inside of her thigh slowly. Higher and higher until my fingers graze across her panty covered pussy. Even with her pussy covered by panties I can tell she is wet for me.

Her hand grazes my cheek before she starts to kiss me…hard. I can hear moan into the kiss as my right hand grabs at her ass and  my left hand squeezes under her boob. Her hand then trails down my body to my dick that is throbbing so fucking hard for her. And thanks to the penis pill that I took, I is the hardest I’ve ever been. It’s like a rock, and I can hear Katlin gasp in a pleased response at how hard I am.

wild-sexThat’s when I decided to get a little rough with her.

I flip her over on my couch so she her face is in the cushions and her perfect round ass is in the air. I rip her black thong off and with a quickly but smooth movement I stuff my rock hard dick into her soaking wet pussy. I pump in and out, faster and faster. My rock hard dick is slamming into her. I am pounding into her ruthlessly as the sounds of warm wet flesh hitting each other fill my livingroom.

My face in her neck stifling my groans of pleasure.

She is scratching me as I slide inside her soaking wet pussy even faster now. Her red lips part and I can hear her moans get louder and louder. I know she is getting close as she starts to scream.

The walls of her pussy tighten around my hard cock as she orgasms hard against me. It is as if her pussy is squeezing my dick for the cum to come out, yet I am still so hard.  So I continue to pound through her orgasm. Which causes her pussy to tighten against me even tighter and her to breathlessly scream, “Oh my God! I am going to cum AGAIN!”